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Luxury villas are remote controlled. A new generation of “intelligent homes”... more... ‘I want a pad with budget airline access'. I have been... more... Costa that costs less. Prices in the Spanish coastal region of... more...

In Florida, you can let out a property for 30 weeks of the year and that makes it fully self-sufficient. That isn't possible even in Spain. It's certainly not possible in eastern Europe where the summer season is very short and in some areas winter temperatures hit 30 degrees below freezing, " says Charlotte Billington of Ultra-Villas, a Chelmsford-based property consultancy that sells properties in the US and Spain (0845 1305464; www.ultravillas.co.uk )

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Holiday buyers should think of the lifestyle. Florida's infrastructure is extraordinary and within an hour you can get to coast, country, city or some of the world's most famous tourist attractions. Hardcore investors can get steady, strong appreciation. It may not be as high as eastern European resorts claim on their cheap properties, but a 100 per cent gain on a £15,000 flat is still only £15,000. That's peanuts

Quote of the day: In Cyprus, we are very lucky to speak in such a beautiful dialect, namely the Cypriot Greek dialect.

Need to stay in Cyprus, Limassol? Than you will be making an excellent decision to rent villa in Cyprus. The most houses are located in luxury resorts and will give you a great privacy with fantastic view on the coast, but if you want to jump into the crowd all the famous locations are very close driving. Cyprus boasts many historical attractions that combine between beauty and culture. Many tourists choose to discover the true soul of Cyprus in districts like Limassol and the traditional houses. Choosing a villa for rent in Cyprus would be a showcase of luxury and modernity. Villas usually reflect the status and social class of their owners that is why many investor choose to have business meetings in their villas.